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Get everything you need to grow a successful blockchain business. We design token strategies, introduce portner and enable you to make the right decesions.


Let us bring your crypto marketing efforts to the next level. Our team can create your strategies, set up funnels, design your user journey and create your content, all aligned with your business KPIs

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Futures Bot

Get your personal trading assistant. Our USDT-Futures bot helps you to make the right trading decisions. It runs non-custodial on your Binance account.

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On Chain Gaming Rewards

Earn passive income by becoming a team sponsor in our crypto leagues, and receive 15% of the revenue real players are generating in different crypto games.

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Stable Coin Savings Account

We simplify DeFi. Receive 14% APY on your stable coins, fully insured. Get your funds including interest rate back anytime with a one week notice. Minimum investment is 10,000 USDT.

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Discount on early-stage Investments

Get early stage investor access to the latest projects of our VC program. Get the chance of participating in thriving technology and fintech companies and join meetings with your management team. Minimum investment is 5,000 USDT plus a 5% management fee.

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